Find Out All About Your Digital Marketing

Automate your reporting and optimisation for digital demand generation.

Sounds familiar?

  • No visibility into the actual ROI attribution for each channel, campaign, audience or product
  • Hard to manage excel file reports from many data sources manually
  • Missing insights which leads are of the best quality and where did they get down in the funnel
  • Difficult to prove the digital marketing ROI to your boss
  • No knowledge what is your perfect audience and where to find it

What to do about that?

We’ve got your back. Indicado is a SaaS analytical and reporting tool, for digital marketers dealing with online demand generation. With our suite you get:

• Automatic marketing reporting with ROI attribution
find out which channels, campaigns, ad sets, creatives, and audiences work best for you

• Clear Marketing-Sales funnel report
so you can improve your lead quality and end-to-end demand generation process

• Holistic overview of your efforts
by integrating media channels, website and CRM data in one place – make better decisions on where to allocate your budget

• Fast to create and easy to read customizable reports and dashboards
so your CFO and CEO will understand them immediately and Sales team realize leads don’t appear from thin air

• Granular and detailed cross-channel reporting
will help you to understand which marketing actions bring positive results, decrease your CPL, CPA and increase marketing ROI

• Audience reporting insights
find out which clients bring the best LTV, where are they and how to target them

We want to help you save your marketing budget, save your time and take the manual tasks off your back. We know that time is a luxury and could be used for more strategic initiative, like experimenting with new channels, creatives, formats or funnels.

How it works

Does integrating all your marketing reports sound like a nightmare? It doesn’t have to be! Indicado will guide you smoothly through the entire process. With a few clicks, you have all data sources connected in one place. Map the metrics you need and enjoy your unified data in simple dashboards. See how easy it can be and start thinking about how to use the time you will save.


Fast and effortless native integration with Facebook, Google Ads, Hubspot account or other marketing platforms you use


Immediate access to Reports crucial for you and your coworkers in dashboards adjusted to your preferences


Clear analysis and conclusions to easily understand what works well and what needs to be improved

Compare your funnel against competitors

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